Casualties of War

This image of an unknown dead boy is said to have been taken in the defenses around Petersburg, Virginia, which came under attack June 15, 1864.  This led to a siege lasting for over nine months.

Clarence McKensie, 12, was a drummer for Company D 13th New York State militia.  He played for the Prince of Wales’ reception in October 1860.  After the attack on Fort Sumpter, his unit was sent to Annapolis, Maryland.  While in his quarters with his back against the wall, a gun was fired accidentally from the outside.  The bullet passed through the wall, into his back, out through his stomach, and into a facing brick wall.  He died two hours later.

Edwin Francis Jemmison, 15, was a Confederate soldier in the 2nd Louisiana Infantry.  Having enlisted July 1, 1862, he was part of a charge against the Union defenses at the Battle of Malvern Hill during the Union retreat in the Peninsula Campaign.  Edwin was one of 182 killed and wounded.  He died by the end of the day.

Benjamin Knox, 15, was a private in Company H 20th Ohio Infantry.  During the attack on Atlanta, he was shot in the Atlanta trenches and died in company quarters a short time later.

William Black, a 12-year-old drummer, was wounded in his left hand and arm by an exploding shell.

Willie Lawn, 10, is identified only as a soldier.  He was wounded near Suffolk, Virginia, April 23, 1863, and lost part of his right arm.

Rashio Crane, 15, was a drummer for Company D, 7th Wisconsin.  He was captured May 5, 1864, in the Wilderness while helping a wounded comrade.  Rashio was sent to Andersonville Prison where he died July 23, 1864.

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